Tantangan Pendidikan Islam di Era Globalisasi

A. fatih suhud


Abstract:From the beginning of television era, Islamic society become only as consumer, and West (non-Muslim) as ruler and of every modern technology. From this, there’s several problems related with Islamic education. First, what step should taken by every Muslim, parent and educator to anticipation and response early to moral distortion symptom made by television, internet, and other media? Second, west is the only key master from every news media, newspaper or electronic media. News tends to contain bias, especially if correlated with Islamic world. Third, science and technology become specific domination of western word, therefore every Muslim who interested to delve with this field forced to follow western term-term, that often contrary with Islamic vales, and unconsciously they become fanatic defender of West. Therefore, Islamic education needs participation of every Muslim individual, and also institution, or even state. Keywords: television era, globalization, Islamic vales, Islamic education.

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