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Abstract: Ibn Taimiyah is a great and productive thinker and writer. He has written more than 500 books almost in all aspects of Islam. His thought has significantly influenced the world of Islam. The Science of the Holy Qur’an (‘Ulum al-Qur’an) which was important part of his works has altered the paradigm of Qur’anic interpretation among Moslem scholars during his era and the next generation. The purposes of this research are follows: (1) explaining the opinion of Ibn Taimiyah about the Qur’anic interpretation that had been done by Moslem scholars in his period; (2) finding the best principals and methods of Qur’anic interpretation according to Ibn Taimiyah; and (3) searching the original characteristics of Ibn Taimiyah’s Qur’anic interpretation. This research will be conducted based on the frame of thinking that the difference methods of Qur’anic interpretation which are applied by Moslem scholars will significantly influence the product of their interpretations. In fact, the method of Qur’anic interpretation continuously develops in accordance with the development of time and needs. Ibn Taimiyah is a thinker and Qur’anic interpretator who seriously work to clean the Holy Qur’an from the improper understanding that contradict to the general teaching of the Holy Qur’an it self that had been develop in his era and previously. Qualitative method and book survey technique will be employed in this research. The primary sources of data are works of Ibn Taimiyah in the discipline of the Qu’anic Interpretation, while its secondary sources are the works of other Moslem scholars in the discipline from various generations. Keywords: Method, purifying, Qur’anic interpretation, source of teaching

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